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 October 3, 2021      

What makes a great leader in SEO? Good question. The answers you will receive from others will vary from that of mine. There are only a few core leadership qualities that are of utmost importance to me. To be clear, I am talking about a company being a leader; not leading people. The latter is a somewhat different matter altogether.

To be a leader in SEO, a company (read as the company’s employees’ especially its leadership team) should do and inspire others to do the following:

1. Commit to your Customer

You were successful in landing your customers trust and business. Honour that! Commit to fulfilling the requirements to which you both agreed. Your customers are counting on you to do your part to help them succeed. You help them succeed and they will help you succeed.

2. Have Integrity

Always do the right thing. Act with integrity. Honour your word and your committments. We must not lose/sacrifice that aspect of ourselves, our character, just to make a buck. It is far too easy to rationalize your behaviour and lead yourself and those that look up to you down the wrong path.

People will notice this now rare quality and it will build their trust in you and inspire much more business for you.

3.Think long Term

Consider the long-term consequences of your actions; both positive and negative. Sure, you can take an action that makes you a lot of money in the short-term but causes your business to suffer in the long-term. Or, you can take action that shows a meager to no benefit in the short-term but substantially increases your bottom line in the near future.

Such actions and such a mindset is easier said that done. It is worth it.

3. Lead by Example

Do what you say! Show others, your staff, peers, customers that you do what you say. This will build an enormous amont of trust, respect and loyalty. You will reap the rewards.

I do not know of too many that possess the qualities mentioned above. There is one, an Ottawa SEO in Ottawa Canada that lives and works that way. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter as well.

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